The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary

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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on ARmind or sign up for ARmind Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out ARmind Premium at: armind.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at:
0:00 Intro
5:20 Paris’ Early Years
12:00 Nicky Weighs In
16:37 A Crazy Lifestyle
31:25 Nightmares
44:28 The Teenage Years
51:08 Bad Relationships
1:09:53 Stories of Abuse
1:20:50 Survivors Reunion
1:30:02 Breaking the Silence
1:37:45 Telling Mom The Truth
1:42:02 Credits
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Jen loves life
Jen loves life - 11 دقائق قبل
❤️🌷❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ for you Paris
Shiny 98
Shiny 98 - 14 دقائق قبل
Why isn't anyone talking about her dad taking everything from her
Narcissistic Stories
Narcissistic Stories - 17 دقائق قبل
Thank you sooooo much for sharing your story Paris ❤️🙏👏 touched my heart deeply. Seems to me your mum is a covert malignant narcissist... Love, take care 🙏😘
S Kai
S Kai - 20 دقائق قبل
I have a feeling she's held back a lot to save her family name...there must have been so much more to cause such trauma. she wanted to talk about it...without exposing too much. but whatever this is, mad respect for this woman.
denise butcher
denise butcher - 25 دقائق قبل
You are an amazing woman. I remember my eldest sister being sent to a home for troubled teens and she never was the same after that. It breaks my heart .
Gareth - 26 دقائق قبل
London is a country according to this girl... lol
batbats89 - 28 دقائق قبل
Paris Hilton's mum is the new Carole Baskin.
Paulina Smolak
Paulina Smolak - 28 دقائق قبل
Her mother looks so cold it's scary
Landon Creswell-browne
Landon Creswell-browne - 29 دقائق قبل
no offense but I didnt like it, you never talked about what happened to u, or the cocaine use party life or even talking about weed.
Kriszaleine Yu
Kriszaleine Yu - 31 دقائق قبل
"she never told me this" WELL OFC SHE DIDN'T YOU LOST HER TRUST TF-
Nathalie Pronovost
Nathalie Pronovost - 31 دقائق قبل
Qu'est ce qui t'empêche d'être ''seulement'' Paris? Je ne prendrais ta place pour rien au monde. Ce doit-être épuisant cette vie.
Diane Diane
Diane Diane - 35 دقائق قبل
So sorry this is going on! I hope these schools can be stopped! I wish all you trauma warriors healing!💗
Kacper Grymuza
Kacper Grymuza - 36 دقائق قبل
I just wanted to say thank you, Paris.
Dominique Champagne
Dominique Champagne - 39 دقائق قبل
Thank you for speaking up for all of us, survivor.
Breakfast With Zo
Breakfast With Zo - 40 دقائق قبل
I will never be able to listen to “Girls just wanna have fun” again without thinking how Paris Hilton just wanted to go out and have fun but got sent away by her parents to an absolute prison for it. Makes my heart sad 🥺
Anjuli Mack
Anjuli Mack - 41 دقائق قبل
WOWWWW. Here for this! Thank you for sharing this Paris :)
The WET TEE!!!!
The WET TEE!!!! - 42 دقائق قبل
Shitty parents that wanted other people to raise their kid , ended up scarring the little queen !!
bitty bitty
bitty bitty - 44 دقائق قبل
How lucky do you have to be to be BEAUTIFUL AND RICH ???? YOU WOULD HAVE MADE IT ON YOUR LOOKS ALONE....
Betty Adowa Duah
Betty Adowa Duah - 45 دقائق قبل
PARIS !!! # We're waiting for your
Tintin Kåstad
Tintin Kåstad - 48 دقائق قبل
Love you Paris!
Gen Pri
Gen Pri - 49 دقائق قبل
I'm Korean and most Koreans didn't even know who Paris Hilton was. That was just a very small minority of Koreans acting like her fans.
Mia P
Mia P - 50 دقائق قبل
Such a powerful testimony!!! I am sure your brand will not get to suffer but will get even better, like a girl that went to so much and became such an amazing person... Is going to change, but for the better!!!
fakenuggets - 51 دقائق قبل
The thing that I’ve always loved about Paris is how sweet she is to her fans. She always treats them with kindness and hugs them and calls them gorgeous, etc. Idk but she seems like a really comfortable person to be around
Gen Pri
Gen Pri - 54 دقائق قبل
Selfies definitely did not originate from Paris Hilton. There were tons of people taking selfies before her.
Melinda Gonzalez
Melinda Gonzalez - 56 دقائق قبل
My opinion: her mom was a narcissist and it wasn’t “fear” that made her do that to Paris, it was jealousy. A typical narcissistic mother. I feel for her. I hope she gets help, or she will continue to attract narcissists and codependents.
Eden Vargas
Eden Vargas - 57 دقائق قبل
I relate so much to what Paris said about relationships. So many men are so easily emasculated and their immediate reaction to it is to respond with anger and aggression and lash out at you. It breaks my heart o much to see strong women like Paris feel torn down and devalued by men like that. We deserve so much more. Paris, you deserve so much more, and calling boys like that men and holding them up to this toxic masculinity is damaging for our society.
Paul S
Paul S - 57 دقائق قبل
I call bullshit. Try being fat, ugly and poor in rehab.
Cierra World
Cierra World - ساعات قبل
She’s surrounded by rich people and says she doesn’t know any genuine people besides her fans . That says a lot @32.15
Kristine Noffsinger
Kristine Noffsinger - ساعات قبل
You are a warrior Paris! & what your parents did was so wrong..& the fact her mom wouldn't apologize? Selfish. Wish you happiness Paris❤💋💋💋💜
Arab Doll
Arab Doll - ساعات قبل
ok I love youuuuuu
Nina D
Nina D - ساعات قبل
When she kicked out that idiotic bf such a badass
Her Business
Her Business - ساعات قبل
her sister is a HUGE hate
sawyer lee
sawyer lee - ساعات قبل
"It's not our shame, it's THEIR shame."
Christie Martinez
Christie Martinez - ساعات قبل
I love and appreciate your vulnerability making this. I feel so privileged seeing a whole other side of you. You are an amazing, strong, gorgeous human being.
Polly Ann
Polly Ann - ساعات قبل
Shows us that she's human. Those who know reality ,know her outward appearance and tv stuff is all for show. It's called acting. She can act in public all she likes and still have a brand. Have a brand that's linked to helping others. To saving others. You can survive and have a whole life ,while living your truth.
Beth Shrock
Beth Shrock - ساعات قبل
I would love to know what the plan is going forward ❤️
It ended too abruptly
Polly Ann
Polly Ann - ساعات قبل
Her mom is beautiful. On the outside.
Cat - ساعات قبل
I feel like her parents mostly her mom is an entitled narsissist who doesn't want to show she f-ed up. Paris became who she is because of her family probably mostly her mom.Imagine who she could of became if her parents had approached her differently.Gotten her threapy and possibly gone to a doctor to see if it was something medical.I have a feeling that she could possibly have a bit of adhd from observing her behavior(I'm not professional.Just my option...).Anyway I have friends who have different forms of adhd its possible.I feel like she could ask a doctor to check if she has some sort of complusive disorder as well.
Tenam P.
Tenam P. - ساعات قبل
That was quite disturbing to watch. So sorry to hear what you and those other kids had to go through. I hope those ppl will get what they deserve...
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez - ساعات قبل
I knew a girl in High School who was taken to this school. She ended up turning into a heroin addict and would tell me over and over how these men took her at night and never forgot. This is real... those schools need to be shut down.